In this article, you will find simple steps to convert your code into a Python package and upload it to the Python Package Index site a.k.a PyPI repository

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Would you like to share your code with the worldwide community of Python developers?

Let’s start!

I am assuming most of the people, who are reading this article, have already run the command below. But, what happens behind the scenes?

pip install pandas

At the moment you run the command pip install you are accessing the PyPI site to download a package. The site

Usando un ejemplo muy sencillo, te voy a contar detalladamente lo que sucede al ejecutarse una consulta SQL

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En esta artículo, voy a describirte paso a paso el proceso lógico que se lleva a cabo cuando ejecutamos una consulta en una base de datos relacional. …

How to apply Web Scrapping using BeautifulSoup library for building a customized dataset for future analysis.

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The goal of this project is to create my own dataset using Web Scraping, extracting Boston apartment rental data from the RentHop site and saving it into a CSV file.

I will follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Access Web Page
  2. Locate Specific Information
  3. Retrieve Data
  4. Save Data

Loading Libraries

import pandas as pd

A detailed explanation of a query execution order using a simple example

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In this article, I will describe step by step the logical process phases during the execution of a query into a relational database. For doing that, I am going to use two simple unnormalized form tables: Citizen and City. They are described as followed:

The key steps of PCA in practice using functions only from NumPy library

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It is a technique commonly used for linear dimensionality reduction. The idea behind PCA is to find lower dimensional representations of data that retain as much information as possible.

Let’s start following next steps.

Loading libraries

%matplotlib inline
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot …

Wendy Navarrete

Data Scientist

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